Learning On the Job – From Sleep Science to Dubstep

One of my favourite things about working in audio is learning something new with every project, and it’s often something totally unexpected. Last month our good friends at Alterna Films wrapped up production on a series videos for Teck Mining earlier this year dedicated to the science of sleep. We had the pleasure of lending Asymetriq’s services to the project, adding motion graphics, sound design, and music among other things.

The aim of the videos was to help educate Teck’s team members, often working shift schedules comprised of long days and short nights, how to maximize the amount of quality sleep they get in the limited time they have. It might sound dry to some, but I found it really interesting, and now find myself incorporating some of the tips and tricks into my evening regiment! For example, did you know that the typical sleep cycle is about 1.5 hours, so sleeping in multiples of that will leave you feeling more refreshed and well-rested than, say, an even 8 hours of sleep? Cool stuff…

Thankfully, I also get to learn a little more about music and audio from time to time. Enter our most recent portfolio addition, a profile of Martina Hingis for Tonic Tennis, also produced by Alterna. I’d been slowly developing my wobble bass chops (wub wubs, Jon likes to call them) for a few weeks, and felt the powerful slow-motion sports footage would be a perfect chance to finally hone my craft, so I went digging.

There’s a lot of junk on the Internet, but some hidden gems as well when you need them. A quick Google search for “How to make dubstep with Massive” (one of my Native Instruments synths) turned up hundreds of results, and I started playing and tweaking. The end result is what you hear while watching Martina strut her stuff here!

And here’s a little behind the scenes teaser.

Behind the scenes of Martina Hingis’s new profile video for Tonic Tennis from Alterna Films on Vimeo.

And for a little more fun, here’s another great track I found in my travels. You probably won’t learn how to make Dubstep, but hopefully you’ll enjoy the lesson.

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  1. Liza

    Awesome! Makes me want to go play tennis. If only I was better!

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